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Rode the Shinkansen to Onomichi on the inland sea. We walked to the hotel from the station and Peter and Anne walked again to Onomichi’s temples and shrines, build by wealthy merchants who visited the town during the Edo period (1603-1868). Japan’s most famous writers and poets paid regular visits to the town to seek inspiration. Onomichi is the gateway to the Seto Inland sea islands. Peter and Anne hiked up and down the steep mountain side stairways, stopping at some of the temples and photographing the beautiful cherry blossoms. We took the “ropeway” (tram) to the top of the mountain for a lovely view on Onomichi city and the jewel-like islands of the inland sea.

After the walk, Anne wrapped gifts for our Japanese friends and we joined Peter for dinner in the hotel dinning room, a meal featuring eel, the regional specialty.

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