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Narita - Day 1

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Arrive Narita. 2 p.m. Japan time. Very tired after long flight. Migrated through customs and immigration. Rented a mobile phone. Obtained a 2 day metro pass and a 21 day JR pass. Exchanged dollars for yen. Lots to do in Narita! JR pass line is very long, perhaps 35-40 minutes and we’re still underground.

After about 2 hours at Narita, we finally boarded the JR express heading for Tokyo. Our first view above ground: Rice paddies everywhere, small, but prolific. We passed by small towns, then Tokyo suburbs where small single family homes and condos are engulfed by larger apartment buildings. The JR trains are very quiet, smooth, clean and fast.

Arrived at Tokyo Station and changed trains for Ueno. We exited at Uguisudani Station just north of Ueno. We walked with Peter to the Hotel Candeo about 2-3 blocks from the JR Station, and we were too exhausted to do anything but crash.



Asakusa Statue

Asakusa Shrine

Metro Musings

   Most passengers on the Metro (especially under 30-somethings) are glued to their cell phones, in deep concentration and pretty much ignoring everything else going on. Not sure how they always recognize the right stop. The female passengers almost always carry very expensive bags, Gucchi, Prada, Coach, etc The younger girls often dress in very, very short flared organza skirts wearing tights underneath. About 25% of the metro riders wear a mask... to protect from allergens? colds or the flu? Or are they actually sick themselves and don’t want to expose fellow passengers? The metro stations are mass confusion, everyone running in 10 different directions, mostly avoiding collisions, crowds of people everywhere.