Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

February 27, 2013

We were very fortunate to visit the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust elephant nursery just outside of Nairobi. They have rescued orphaned elephants, more than 140, whose mothers’ were uselessly slaughtered, mostly due to illegal ivory trade. We watched the orphaned elephant calves take their noon milk feed (a meticulously constructed formula) from specially trained handlers. If they raise the elephants successfully and they are healthy enough to survive on their own, the Sheldrick crews return the young elephants to the wild in Tsavo East National Park, an important Kenya protected area and home to Kenya’s largest elephant population. The Sheldrick Trust also promotes community awareness through education (note all the young students in the photos), provides veterinary assistance to elephants in need and, when necessary, rescues and hand-rears both orphaned elephants and rhinos.

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