Seronera River, Serengeti

February 13, 2013

The Seronera River game loops seem to be the best spot for lions whether basking along the riverbanks or stalking prey in the tall grass. We see a majestic male sleeping atop one of the Maasai Kopjes, having such a nice nap he does not even notice us snapping hundreds of pictures.
The Seronera River has one of the largest populations of leopards in all of Africa. The strong leopard population may be due to the fact there are few large trees along the river, making it even easier to spot leopards in Seronera as compared with more heavily wooded areas. Our favorite leopard slid down an acacia tree wandering right behind the range rover, crossed the road and landed on a nearby stump. Leopards are able to drag large prey weighing more then their own body up a tree where they can eat in relative safety from marauding hyenas and lions.

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