February 22, 2013

We traveled with our new guides from Nairobi north to Larsen’s Camp on the Uaso Nyiro River within the Samburu and Buffalo Springs Game Reserves. Along the way we pass Mt. Kenya to the East. At 17,000′ it is Kenya’s highest peak and also the country’s namesake. We also cross the equator. Note Anne’s GPS at 00.0° N. We drive past the farmlands of the Kenya highlands and then drop down into the arid tribal lands of Isiolo, arriving at Samburu just in time for lunch by the river.
Our after lunch game drive features close-ups of the Reticulated Giraffe, quite a separate species from the Masai Giraffe we saw so often in Tanzania. We were mesmerized by a group of elephants crossing the river, playing, browsing and even sparring with each other. And we gazed with astonishment at the big-eared Gerenuk, grazing the branches on their two hind legs, trying to reach the delicious leaves atop the acacia.

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