Ndutu, 2

February 16, 2013

Up before the break of dawn, we arrived in time to witness a spectacular sunrise over the Ngorongoro Crater. Before breakfast we chased a honey badger, spotted a golden jackal lapping up a kill, followed an enormous wildebeest herd, 5 miles across, and watched a cheetah family eating a dead wildebeest. The land rovers gathered for breakfast right on the Ndutu plains and Steven treated us to breakfast of Uji, a Tanzanian porridge made of honey, peanuts, bananas, rice, and millet.
After breakfast we watched a high speed chase: cheetah vs. antelope. The antelope lost. We watched an exhausted mom and cubs devour the antelope, their choice for breakfast. After lunch we toured around Lake Ndutu and some of the other nearby lakes, enjoying the shore birds, the beautiful sun birds and of course the hippos.

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